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Configuring the F.Series

After installing the server, configuration settings can be applied to the system.  This configuration starts with the network and ends with scheduling the system tasks.

 Configuring the Network
    Using the 64 button remote, press the MENU button.  Using the UP and DOWN arrows, select Network and press ENTER.

  It is always recommended to choose a Static IP.  Determine an available static IP address and enter the information displayed on the LCD and video display

  You can do this using the remote number buttons and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows.  An example of an IP address is

  Typically is entered for the Subnet.

  For the Gateway, enter the IP address of the router.  This typically would have the same first three number sequences as the IP address with the last ending in 1.  For example:

  For the DNS, enter the IP address of the router.  This is recommended so that the server depends on the router to keep track of any DNS changes made by the Internet provider.
  Once all the IP information has been entered, enter a name for the ReQuest server. Typically this is the owner's name, or the name of the location (such as "BeachHouse" or "Aspen").

Finally, use the navigation arrows and select OK and press ENTER.

  A prompt will appear confirming a reboot is necessary to apply the changes.  Select OK and press ENTER.  The system will now reboot.

 Testing the Network
  Once the unit has complete the reboot, the network connection needs to be tested.  To do so, using the remote press the MENU button.  Using the UP and DOWN arrows, select Advanced and press ENTER.  Using the UP and DOWN arrows again select Test Network and press ENTER.

  The test will now ping www.arqlink.com, www.yahoo.com and www.google.com and display if each was a success.  If all were a success the screen will display the final status of Success.  Press ENTER on the remote to exit the screen.
    If the test was a failure you have one of two problems that must be reviewed before proceeding:
  • The unit is not on the network
  • The unit has not have a valid DNS IP.
Helpful tip: Sometimes using the router IP as the DNS does not work.  Try using instead and running the network test again.

 Running a Software Update

After confirming the unit has passed the Network Test, use the remote and press the MENU button.  Using the UP and DOWN arrows, select Advanced and press ENTER.  Using the UP and DOWN arrows again select Software Update and press ENTER.
If there is a software update available the system will prompt the user to install the new version. Otherwise a message will appear indicating that the software update was not found/not successful.

 Setting up an ARQLink Account
  Using the ARQLink Consumer Management Manual, create an ARQLink account.
Using the ARQLink Dealer Management Manual, add the new account to the Dealer ARQLink account.

 Accessing the Web Server to Configure Additional Settings
The remaining configuration will be done on a computer in the web server hosted by the ReQuest server.
  To connect to the web server open your internet browser and in the address bar type in the IP address of the unit.  In our example, type in
  Once the page loads, navigate to the bottom and press Settings.
  Using the Serious Play OS manual for the web server settings, adjust settings following this recommended order:
  1. Screen Saver
  2. Widgets
  3. Audio
  4. Encoding
  5. Hardware
  6. Web Site
  7. NAS Storage
  8. ARQLink
  9. NetSync
  10. Task Manager

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