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Using the F.Series Hardware

The F.Series comes with accessories, but additional hardware can be used to integrate with the system.


 F.Series Hardware
    Remote – The F.Series ReQuest server can be controlled fully with the included 64 button IR Remote Control.
    Keyboard - The F.Series ReQuest server can be controlled with a USB or Wireless USB keyboard.  Download the Keyboard commands for keyboard control
    TS.15 or TS.12 -  A TS.15 or TS.12 (older model) can be connected to the F.Series by connecting the USB and VGA cables of the TS.15 or TS.12 to the corresponding outputs on the ReQuest server.  Once the Touch Screen is connected reboot the server With Enhanced Touch Screen selected in the GUI Themes.  Please refer to the GUI Themes section of Settings/Configuration.

Please note, when using the TS.15 or TS.12 you will not be able to use the other video outputs on the server.  TV Lock must be disabled for the TS.15/TS.12 to display the image correctly.
    TS.15N - The TS.15N is a 15 inch Touch Screen with a Network Touch Screen Client attached to allow control of your F.Series over the network.  When configured with the F.series, the TS.15N allows full control of the server with our HDTV interface.  Please refer to the TS.15N Guide for installation and usage.
    TS.6N - The TS.6N is a 6 inch in wall network touch panel that when configured with the F series allows full control of the server with our HDTV interface.  Please refer to the TS.6N Guide for installation and usage

  Maestro - Use your favorite mobile device to wirelessly control ReQuest media servers.
  Computer - The F.Series can be controlled by the computer through various interfaces including the Serious Play Media Manager, Web Server and Interactive Remote.  This is a free additional point of control built into the system as long as it is connected to the local network.

On the computer you can use ARQLink to gain remote access (requires port forwarding) and review the system status.

For music file management, SAMBA and NetSync for iTunes are two methods available to transfer music to and from the server.

  3rd Party Integration - The ReQuest F.Series servers can be integrated into 3rd Party home automation and control systems via its RS-232 (Serial), IR (Infrared), and Ethernet (TCP/IP) interfaces.  By using these 3rd party integration systems the F.Series can be controlled from the same interface as the lighting, sound equipment and HVAC.

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