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F.Series Media Servers

Available in two and four zone configurations, the F.Series is the perfect choice for the majority of home installations. The F.Series features multiple audio outputs from a single unit, allowing family members to listen to different songs in different rooms of the house.

The F.Series can integrate with a variety of touch screen controls or be controlled via Maestro or any internet connected computer allowing effortless navigation of your music collection. Multi-location sync technology provides multi-location synchronization. Add an F.Series model to a second home or boat and the music collection is available to enjoy and manage in both locations automatically.

The F.Series synchronizes to iTunes with the optional NetSync for iTunes and includes Automatic Dual Encoding to store music in both full fidelity WAV for the best sound at home, and also in MP3 for streaming over the Internet or loading to an iPod or portable music player.

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