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Fc Media Servers

F2c packs all the functionality of a ReQuest server into a compact one (F1c) or two (F2c) zone system. In addition to your entire music library and favorite streaming radio stations, F2c also manages your whole movie collection for connected MediaPlayers on a gigabit network. F2c runs the powerful Serious Play OS and is easy to integrate with many control systems. 

F1c is the single zone model that provides the core hardware for the F1c Bundle - a complete audio, video and streaming media solution that includes our award winning MediaPlayer.  For installations requiring a two audio zone configuration, the F2c is available as a standalone system or as part of the F2c Bundle, when paired with a MediaPlayer.

Start small and expand.
Build a foundation with the F1c Bundle and add up to seven additional MediaPlayers and three NAS devices on the same gigabit switch to extend a universe of entertainment around the entire home.