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The Freedom is a 4" wireless touchscreen controller that provides complete control of an iQ or ReQuest Music Server from anywhere in the house. Utilizing 802.11g wireless technology, Freedom delivers a complete ReQuest experience with full metadata and informational widgets including local weather forecast and stocks.

Freedom for iQ

When used in conjunction with iQ, music is presented visually including AlbumArt for your stored music, station icons for XM, and web logos for streaming radio. With a couple of taps on the touchscreen, your favorite music is now playing out on the deck. Unlike other systems, Freedom employs the same user interface as the iQ.TS35 in wall touchscreen eliminating the need to learn a new interface for your wireless system controller.

Freedom for N and F Servers

Connecting to an F. or N. Series server, Freedom delivers the award winning Serious Play Media Manager that makes it easy to select a favorite artist, album, song, or playlist. AlbumArt for your entire collection greets you and with your finger highlight a desired artist, title, genre, or song and drag it to Now Playing. If an exact song title escapes you, the powerful search engine will track it down using the virtual keyboard. Playlist creation is just as simple - guide a song to the desired playlist, drop it into position and it is immediately added to the saved playlist.

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