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Screen Saver

Just like the screen saver on a PC, the F.Series and iQ Media server have a screen saver. This will display a blank screen or photos on the screen after a certain period of inactivity. This can be turned on or off and also can be set to display different things (see below). NOTE: The screen saver works on the Touch Screens, IMCs and the TV output, However it does not display on the Web Browser GUI.

 Screen Saver Configuration
  For the Screen Saver Type, chose None from the drop down to disable the screen saver.  Select Blank Screen for the video to display a black screen after the specified amount of time.  Select Slideshow to display Cover Art and/or uploaded pictures in screen saver mode.

Helpful tip: Keeping this to blank screen might make the user think that something is wrong with the unit. It's generally advised to set this to slideshow.
  Specify the desired Wait Time in minutes of inactivity before the ReQuest goes into screen saver mode.
  Specify the Display Time in the number of seconds that each picture is displayed if using the slideshow.
  To specify the Displayed Images for the screen saver, chose from Cover Art, Uploaded Pictures, or both.

Uploaded Pictures come from the Pictures folder in samba.  Cover art shows the cover art from the albums in the library.

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