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For classical music enthusiasts, ReQuest’s Classical Music Mode Service makes it easy to manage, find, play, and enjoy classical collections.

Key Features:

  •     Ability to browse/search music collection by Composer, Conductor, Orchestra, or Performance.
  •     Play and organize music by performances.
  •     Shuffle by performance.

 Classical Configuration

Popular is the default mode used by the ReQuest server. Categorization is limited to Artist/Album/Genre/Song. Select Classical to enable the Classical Music Mode.
  This will display either Registered or Unregistered based on whether or not the ReQuest server is registered to use Classical Music Mode.
  If a trial period has been enabled for the server, this will show the date that the trial period expires.
  If Classical Music Mode needs to be purchased for the server, click Subscribe to purchase.
  Once the Music Mode has been selected, click Submit to save the changes. Click Reset to revert the Music Mode selection.

 There are new options on the left side of the screen when the classical is enabled:
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Orchestra
  • Performance
Helpful tip: Some of your music that is not classical may show up under these lists as well because the lookup service has metadata for them in the database. To stop this music from showing up in the list, change the metadata on the songs/albums so that information is no longer part of the metadata.
 Searching is now possible by Composer, Conductor, Orchestra and Performance in addition to all the other search options.

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