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Settings / Configuration

The settings for the server can be accessed and managed in the web server.  A status and system info page display the current configuration data for the server.  The other options give you the ability to configure your server to meet your needs.  These settings include things like changing network information, screen saver settings and scheduling tasks.

 Accessing the Web Server Settings
 To access the settings in the web server, click on the Settings link at the bottom of the page.
 When the Settings page loads, a drop-down list of topic specific settings is available to navigate between configuration options.
The Status Page provides a list of all the user-configurable settings available on the ReQuest web server.

Helpful tip: Each setting provides a hyperlink to the relevant section of the web server to change the value(s).
 The System Info page provides summary information about the ReQuest server's hardware, serial number, and software version.  When the web server Settings page is first loaded, this page will display by default.

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