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Playlist Management

Music can be added to playlists from both the web server and the Serious Play Media Manager.  Playlists are a key part to managing your collection as it gives you the ability to group your favorite songs, or songs appropriate for certain occasions in a predefined list that can be played by selecting only the playlist.

It is recommended to back-up your playlists regularly.  For instructions on backing up playlists, click here.

 Managing Playlists from the Web Interface

 Using the Music Library links on the left or searching, navigate to an Artist, Album, Genre or Song.

 Click on the dark gray Down arrow beside your selection.  Hover over Add to Playlist and then choose to add it to either an Existing Playlist or Create New Playlist.
 If Existing Playlist is chosen, a pop-up will appear prompting for you to choose from the selection of existing playlists.  Choose the playlist you wish to add the selection to and click OK.
 If Create New Playlist is chosen, a pop-up will appear prompting you to type in the name of the new playlist.  Enter the name for the new playlist and click OK.
 The next time a song is added to a playlist, the server remembers what playlist was last added to in the web server.  To maximize playlist management efficiency, it adds it as a suggestion to the drop down list.

 Managing Playlists from the Serious Play Media Manager

 Click on the Serious Play Media Manager logo at the bottom of the web server page, to launch.
 To create new playlists, when the Media Manager loads, click on the PLAYLISTS tab on the right. Click the + symbol to create a new playlist.
 Enter a name for the playlist and click OK.
 To add items to an existing or the new playlist, simply drag and drop album covers or individual songs from the center frame into the name of the playlist.
 To rearrange songs in a playlist, click the name of the playlist, then click the Edit button.
 The screen will flip to the Now Playing tab and all the songs contained in the playlist you selected will be displayed. Click and drag songs into different positions.
 Click the Save button to save changes.

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