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Streaming to Computer

Streaming music from the web server is a way to enjoy your music through your PC either at home or away from home.  This feature gives you the ability to access any streaming quality media and also queue a list of songs to enjoy.  Multiple songs can be streamed at once based on shared Artist, Album, Genre or Playlist.  In addition to the web server you can stream music in the Serious Play Media Manager.

 How to Stream Music
 TO begin streaming either click on the link from the categories listed on the left that you wish to stream or from the list of albums by album art in the center of the web server home page.

 By clicking on the dark grey Down arrow beside any Artist, Album, Song, Playlist or Genre you can choose to stream music to your computer.  From the pop-up window pick Play and then a new pop-up will appear.  From there pick Streaming.
  Once Streaming is selected, your computer will prompt you to choose what program to use.  Typically any program that can support M3U files can playback the media.  Pick the application you wish to use to play the music and press OK.
  The program will open and the music will start playing.  All songs listed under the media category chosen will be available to listen to.  For instance, if you picked an artist, any songs by that artist will be available.  If you picked an Album, any song under that album will appear.  If you picked a Playlist or Genre, any song under that category will appear.

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