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Using the iQ IMS Hardware

The iQ IMS comes with accessories, but additional hardware can be used to integrate with the system.


 iQ.Series Hardware
  Remote – The iQ IMS configuration menu can be controlled using the included 64 button IR Remote Control.
 NIRE - A NIRE, Network IR Extender, can be used in an iQ system to allow one way control of IR devices including TVs, DVD players, iPod docks, etc.  Any IR device can be configured as long as the HEX IR codes can be entered in the iQ configuration of the device.  There is also an RS232 port on the NIRE to allow an additional serial device to be added to the server.  For instructions on installing and configuring an NIRE, view the NIRE guide.
  SCK - A SCK, Serial Cable Kit, can be used to connect additional serial devices to the iQ system including additional IMAs and supported tuners.  For instructions on installing and configuring an SCK, view the SCK guide.
  Video - TVs and video distribution systems can be connected to the iQ IMS.  This allows the video out to display on any TV in house.  Available outputs include VGA OR component and DVI.  It is recommended to use a simple DVI to HDMI converter if the server needs to be connected to an HDMI input.  For instructions on configuring the video when VGA is used, view the TS.15 configuration guide.  To learn how to user the interface click here.
  Audio - Speakers should be connected to the phoenix connectors on the back of the IMA6 to output sound into the configured zones.  TVs and Receivers can be connected to the iQ IMA line level outputs to expand the audio into zones including the home theater and outside spaces needing to overcome ambient noises.
  NAS - NAS, Network Attached Storage, can be added to an installation to extend the available hard drive space on the IMS to include the available space on the NAS.  Currently only the NetGear Ready NAS 1100 and Lacie 2 and 5Big Network NAS devices are supported.  This is a great addition when storing large audio collections.  For instructions on configuring a NAS device, view the NAS guide.
  IMC - The IMC connects to the IMS over the network to allow the playback of movies and also as another way to control the iQ system.  Streaming to the IMC is not available when connected to an IMS.
  TS.15 or TS.12 -  A TS.15 or TS.12 (older model) can be connected to the iQ IMS by connecting the USB and VGA cables of the TS.15 or TS.12 to the corresponding outputs on the iQ IMS.  To adjust themes, configure the VGA User Interface in the Device section of the Web Server iQ Configuration for the touch screen interface.  For the video to work properly, the touch screen must also be dragged into a room.

Please note, when using the TS.15 or TS.12 you will not be able to use the other video outputs on the server.  TV Lock must be disabled for the TS.15/TS.12 to display the image correctly.
  TS.15N - The TS.15N is a 15 inch Touch Screen with a Network Touch Screen Client attached to allow control of your F Series over the network.  When configured with the iQ IMS, the TS.15N allows full control of the iQ System with our HDTV interface.  Please refer to the TS.15N Guide for installation and usage.
   TS.6N / TS8 - Our full color in wall network touch panels allow full control of the iQ System with our HDTV interface.  Please refer to the TS.6N Guide for installation and usage.

***This replaces the TS.35.  Please refer to the TS.35 Guide for installation and usage of this legacy panel.

 Maestro - Use your favorite mobile device to wirelessly control ReQuest media servers.

 Computer - The iQ IMS can be controlled by the computer through various interfaces including the Serious Play Media Manager, Web Server and Room Control.  This is a free additional point of control built into the system as long as it is connected to the local network.

On the computer you can use ARQLink to gain remote access (requires port forwarding) and review the system status.

For music file management, SAMBA and NetSync for iTunes are two methods available to transfer music to and from the server.

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