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iQ Whole House Entertainment

The Intelligent Media Server (IMS) stores media and controls the entire iQ system. Four built-in hard disk sources allow true flexibility necessary for whole-house control. Dad can enjoy some jazz in the den while the kids party by the pool thanks to the intuitive distribution of control via in-wall, tabletop, networked and wireless touch panels. In addition to the four hard disk sources, IMS includes Internet streaming radio and Finetune sources, and can be equipped to control AM/FM, XM, and Sirius radio, extending your music collection to infinite size. Video, movies, and YouTube™ can be added to the theater and TVs throughout the home with Intelligent Media Clients (IMC).

The iQ Intelligent Multiroom Amplifier (IMA) is the powerhouse of the iQ system. With its 12x50-watt array of outputs, it demands nothing less than pure performance from the speakers it drives. Also built-in is an 7x7 matrix switch that allows your ReQuest Intelligent Media Server to control the outputs with no programming or external hardware required. Power up to 42 zones with multiple amplifiers to fill any size home with music.
 This 8” in-wall controller is the smallest touch screen available with the high definition interface.  This is touch panel communicates over the network for attractive, high speed control.

 Serial Connection Kit for integrating radios and multiple IMA amplifiers into the iQ whole house music system.
  Network IR Extender for connecting satellite TV tuners, cable boxes, and CD changers to your IQ system.

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