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IMA6 Amplifier

The iQ.IMA6 was built from the ground up with whole house entertainment in mind. Once connected, the iQ.IMA6 provides each of its six deluxe digital volume controlled amplifiers with access to all seven input sources, bringing every ounce of your iQ system to life in every corner of the house.

The iQ.IMA6 has a total of 12 power amplifiers in one 2U (3.5”) enclosure. Each power amplifier channel has its own bass, treble and balance adjustments and delivers 50 watts of party starting power.

For maximum flexibility, the iQ.IMA6 comes with 2 controlled line level outputs that can be configured to deliver a variable or fixed signal to a separate amplifier.

Each iQ.IMA6 channel is individually and fully protected against low impedance, overheating, overloading, and voltage variation. Once the trouble has passed, the iQ.IMA6 automatically restores normal operation.

Nobody wants the guts of the machine to compete with the music, so the iQ.IMA6 uses a built-in thermostat to control its quiet internal cooling fan.

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