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Installing the IMA6

 Front of the IMA6
  Front Power Button - Turns the amplifier on/off. Please note that there is no power indicator LED.
  Active Zone Lights - A blue light will appear on any of the zone lights when the corresponding zone on the amplifier has been activated.

 Back of the IMA6
 AC Power Connector - Connect to either 110 volt or 220 volt based on which power supply the amplifier uses.  The power supply is not auto-detecting.
 Serial - Used for connecting the amplifier to the IMS.  This connection will allow the IMS to control the IMA6.  No third party integration is supported.
  Analog Audio Input - Analog audio input connectors for each source.  Sources typically include hard drive, streaming radio and finetune sources from the IMS in additional to serial, IR and uncontrollable sources.  You can input up to seven sources.
  Analog Source Loop Output - Analog audio output for the purpose of sending the source signals to a second amplifier, doubling the number of zones the amplifier can distribute to.  If there is only one amplifier in the installation, these outputs are not used.
  Analog Phoenix Connector Output - Analog phoenix connector outputs to to connect speakers to the amplifier.  There are up to six analog outputs available to source six zones.
  Line Level Output - Line level outputs for the purpose of sending the zone output to a third party amplifier.  This is typically used in home theaters and rooms or outside space that require more robust sound.

 Installation Instructions
  1. Plug the appropriate power cable into the AC power connector.
  2. Connect a straight male to female serial cable from the IMS serial port to the IMA6 serial port.  If there is more than one IMA6 in the installation, a SCK is required (serial cable kit).  This will allow you to connect a serial port hub to the IMS USB port, expanding the number of serial ports available.  Plug the amplifier into one of the ports of the SCK.
  3. Plug in RCA cables from the analog source outputs from the IMS which may include the hard drive outputs (sources 1-4 on the server) and streaming and finetune (sources 5 and 6) to the IMA6 analog audio input(s).
  4. Make note of which source is plugged into which input.
  5. Plug the RCA cable from any tuner, IR controllable sources, or uncontrollable sources into one of the seven IMA6 analog audio inputs not currently used.
  6. Make note of which source is plugged into which input.
  7. If a second IMA6 is installed in this system, plug RCA cables from the analog source loop outputs into the corresponding analog source inputs of the second amplifier.
  8. Plug the phoenix connectors (with the speaker wire run connected) to phoenix connector outputs for each zone.
  9. Make note of which zone is connected to which output.
  10. Plug the RCA cable from any third party amplifier to either of the analog line level outputs.  Make note that the zone five or six will correspond with these outputs.
  11. If a second IMA6 is included in the installation, repeat all steps except for steps 3-7.
  12. Power on the IMA6.  Power on the IMS, or reboot if already powered on.
  13. Proceed to configuring the iQ system from the web server.  For instructions, click here.

Above is the suggested wiring guide for 3 IMA6s (18 Audio Zones).  Setup is similar to the other configuration shown.  Be sure to connect the Source Outputs of each IMA6 to the Source Inputs of the next IMA6 in line.  The remaining Serial connection on your SCK4 can go to another tuner, another supported serial control device, or a fourth IMA6.

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