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MP and IMC Troubleshooting

 Unable to Browse Movies or receive an Error Playing the Movie

  • Check to ensure that the web port in the Networking screen is set to Port 80. This should be left at the default Port 80 regardless of what the server web port is set.
  • Check the Parental Control settings. By default, any movie that is rated above PG-13 will not be seen in the Movies area, but in the Movies with Passcodes area.
  • If the movies have been stored on an external NAS device (Such as the Netgear ReadyNAS 1100) check to make sure that the NAS is accessible from a PC connected to the same switch. If the PC can't access the NAS, it is very unlikely that the MP and IMC can't either.

 Problems Archiving DVDs

Why do I get the message, "There is not enough free space to archive this DVD. Do you wish to play the movie?"

This is a message that can appear for a number of reasons. The typical reasons are as follows:
  • NAS device or ReQuest server is running with a FAT32 media partition. The FAT32 file system can not accommodate single files larger than 4GB.  ReQuest Customer Service can confirm.
  • ReQuest server is set as a NetSync Client (read-only). In this mode, the ReQuest server is set to only accept media by synchronizing over the network to a ReQuest server configured as a NetSync Server.
  • DVD has issues archiving, system sees bad sectors that are not a problem during playback on the MP and IMC as playback can skip over bad sectors where the archiving process is a bit for bit copy.
  • The NAS device is out available disk space.
  • The NAS device is not properly reporting it's available space through CFIS (a protocol for sharing files/folders).
  • The NAS is offline, or now using a different IP or different share name.
  • The NAS configuration in the ReQuest is set to Read Only and server has run out of space.

Additional Things to Troubleshoot:
  • For the IMC (not applicable for MP), Try loading the DVD in the server instead of the IMC.
  • Review the NAS configuration and run the NAS Connection Test.
  • Confirm you are running the latest firmware and software on your NAS device, ReQuest server and MP and IMC.
  • Check the system statistics in the web server to see that there is available free space over 10GB.

 Troubleshooting Audio/Video Issues

Netflix stops playback
Netflix released a playback mode selection for your account.  If the selection is set to high, it may cause playback to stop after a few minutes as the client can't keep up with the stream.  This selection allows you to pick Good, Better or Best video mode that will apply to all devices connected to your account.  With the MP V2, you select Best, and with the IMC and MP V1, select Better.  To make this change, log into your Netflix account and in your Account Settings there is a link for "Manage Video Quality."  This link brings you to a screen where you can select from Good, Better, or Best. The stream that is currently selected will depend on the Internet connection.

Audio / Video issues
When experiencing video or audio issues using the MP and IMC, you should first hook-up the Audio/Video connections (HDMI, Component, etc) DIRECTLY to the TV and bypass any receivers, video switches and processors. Does this resolve the problem? If yes, then hook-up each additional component one at a time to determine where the problem is occurring.

Using HDMI
HDMI does not have a industry standard format and some TV and receivers may not be compatible with the MP and IMC in HDMI. Also, the MP and IMC may interact differently with TVS as the IMC has different hardware than the MP.  In many cases the video may work fine through the HDMI but the audio does not. If this is the case we recommend using the HDMI for video and using the digital-out for the audio.

With the IMC only, if both the Video and Audio are not working via HDMI then we recommend using component out for the video and digital-out for the audio. Note that the component video through the IMC will allow up converting to 1080p.

Picture is not filling the entire screen on the TV
This may be caused by several different reason. The movie maybe widescreen letterbox and even using a widescreen TV there may still be a border on the top and bottom. If the movie is full-screen it will have a border on the left and right. The best way to determine if the TV is utilizing the entire screen is to play the request sample movie that is provided with the MP and IMC. When this is played, does it fill the entire screen from top to bottom and left to right. If so the MP and IMC are working correctly.

Over or under scanning
Some TV's do not properly scan the ReQuest GUI and movies to the edge of the screen. This is known as over or under scanning where the image has some empty black space around the TV. ReQuest will be adding the ability to adjust the scanning for the GUI and movie in a upcoming release. Note that in many cases the HDMI is more likely to experience this issue, where the component out may not have this problem.

DVD playback
Some movies may not allow you to bypass the menu screen and jump directly to the movie when you select play. This is simply based on how the DVD was designed and ReQuest cannot bypass this.

Movie is jumpy or pauses
If a movie is not playing smoothly and is skipping or pauses, more than likely this is due to a network bandwidth constraints. Please check your network connection including any routers, switches or hubs.

 Certain Movies do not Respond to all the Navigational Commands

There are many different DVD's and not all will behave correctly to every MP and IMC command. For example some movies will experience the following issues:

  • Selecting PLAY and it goes to the menu instead.
  • Selecting PLAY and it goes to a black screen with play in the upper left corner.
  • Hitting resume and it starts from the beginning of the movie instead of resuming.
  • Selecting stop and it does not resume play at all or it starts back at the beginning of the movie.
  • Other navigational issues.

These issues can occur because not all DVD's abide by standard rules of DVD navigation.

The MP and IMC have different navigational commands that work on most DVDs and there are some DVDs where it does not. This does not mean that the MP and IMC are broken or have a problem, It simply means that the DVD is not compatible with some of the MP and IMC navigational commands. If you experience a problem, play the movie from the DVD Menu for 5 minutes and then stop the movie.  Submit a case to www.request.com/support indicating the server serial number and the movie title so ReQuest can log in and identify the fix for the specific movie playback which we will apply for everyone.

 IR Commands are Duplicating or Slow and Sporadic Response

The MP and IMC receive the IR commands from the front and/or back IR.  When troubleshooting, revert back to the original Credit Card remote and see if the problem exists using only that remote.  Also make sure the MP and IMC are running the latest firmware.  If it still exists the problem could be:
  • A control system is also sending commands at the same time or too quickly.  Check the length of time before repeating commands.
  • The front IR is not receiving commands properly as it is being sent from too close, too far away, or even at an odd angle for the small IR reception window.  The small remote does not send as strong a signal as other remotes as it was intended primarily for installation.  Try programming a learnable remote the IR codes and see if problem goes away.
  • The rear IR is not receiving commands properly.  It might be a hardware issue.
  • The environment is causing IR pollution (Plasma TVs are known to cause this).  Remove the TV from the equation and see if the problem goes away.

 The Widgets are not Configured or Weather has a Network Error

The Widgets that display on the MP and IMC come from the server.  If the widgets are not properly configured in the web server of the ReQuest server where the MP and IMC point, then there will be no content for the widgets and the Weather widget will display a Network Error.  Click here to read how to configure widgets.

 Hulu and YouTube will not load the Lists or Video Playback

If Hulu and YouTube do not load the video listings or will not play a video from the listing, there is likely a network error.  Please see our networking guide to determine the proper network information for the MP and IMC and ReQuest server.

 Unable to Play NetFlix Movies

If Hulu and YouTube do not load the video listings or will not play a video from the listing, there is likely a network error.  Please see our networking guide to determine the proper network information for the MP and IMC and ReQuest server.

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