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Using the MP and IMC Hardware

The MP MediaPlayer and IMC Intelligent Media Client allow you to playback movies archived on your F Series or iQ server to your TV.


 MP and IMC Hardware
 Remote – The MP and IMC remote can control the MP and IMC or be used to teach an alternative learning remote.  When programming a new remote, make sure all buttons are programmed.

 3rd Party Integration - The ReQuest MP and IMC can be integrated into 3rd Party home automation and control systems via its one-way IR (Infrared) and Ethernet (TCP/IP) interfaces.  By using these 3rd party integration systems the MP and IMC can be controlled from the same interface as the lighting, sound equipment and HVAC.
  The MP and IMC has HDMI and Component Video outputs to connect to your TV or Video Distribution to view Movies, Pictures and More!

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