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Installing the Legacy MP V1


 Front of MP

  Hard Drive LED- Flashes with activity to show drive usage
  Power Button- Toggle unit power on/off
  Memory Card Slot - Not Used
  USB -Optional additional USB ports: Can be used for IR receiver, keyboard or BCK
  Analog Audio Out - Analog audio output (not active when using HDMI audio)
   Analog Audio Input - Not Used

 Back of MP
  Power Adapter - Connect to supplied power adapter
  HDMI - Used to display the on-screen GUI for the MP and play audio.
  USB - Used for IR receiver, keyboard or BCK
  Audio - Used supplied adapters for digital audio connection
Coaxial connector at the top


  1. Make sure the ReQuest server is up and running and connected to the network before getting started.
  2. Connect the USB IR receiver and USB Bluetooth adapter for wireless keyboard to an available USB port on the rear.
  3. Connect audio and video cables to MP. There is a supplied adapter to connected either RCA left/right analog audio or digital S/PDIF.
  4. Connect the MP to the local network using the Ethernet Port.
  5. Connect power to the MP using the supplied adapter.
  6. Make sure the ReQuest server is powered on and connected to the same local network.
  7. Power on the MP with the small front power button.

 Initial Start-Up
 When the MP is first turned on, the MP will begin to automatically cycle through different video modes every 15 seconds.  Confirm the mode that works best with your TV.

The connected TV will display a message that the "server was not found" or "this panel is not configured".  Close this dialog to proceed.

  After the video mode has been set, the next thing to do is set the IP address of the F.Series or iQ server that the MP will be working with.

Move your cursor down to the ReQuest Server IP box.  Enter the server's IP addressing using the onscreen keypad.  Click on Close then Save and your MP will reboot.  After the reboot, the MP will be configured and ready for use!

 Configuring the MP when Connected to an iQ System
Access the iQ systems web server by entering its IP address in your web browser.

Click iQ Configuration on the bottom of the page.

 Select Rooms from the drop down.

 Drag and drop the MP into a Room.  Ideally you would drag it into the room that the MP would by default control.

For installation specific settings, see Settings on MP/IMC section.

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