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Configuring the F3 HD

After installing the server, configuration settings can be applied to the system.  This configuration starts with the network and ends with scheduling the system tasks.

 Configuring the Network
  Once booted, the F3+HD will pull a DHCP address.  To find the F3+HD on the network, load this page for quick access to the Web Server for configuration: http://www.request.com/findmyserver

  When the Server Find page loads, it will search the network for ReQuest servers and list them.  Select the F3+HD and click on "Web"
  The Web Server will automatically load in the browser so you can set it for a static IP.
 In the Web Server, click on Settings and select Network from the drop down.  Follow our Network page guide for setting the IP address for the server.  For assistance on finding a static IP, view our Server Network Configuration Guide.

 Running a Software Update
 After setting up the unit with the desired IP, run a software update.  This can be done by selecting Functions from the Settings drop-down.

If there is a software update available the system will prompt to install the new version. Otherwise a message will appear indicating that the software update was not found.

 Configuring NAS Devices
After install the NAS device(s) on the same gigabit network switch, configure the NAS device in the F3+HD web server.  This can be done by selecting NAS Storage from the Settings drop-down.  For guidelines and detailed instructions, follow our NAS Guide.

 Setting up an ARQLink Account
   Using the ARQLink Consumer Management Manual, create an ARQLink account.
 Using the ARQLink Dealer Management Manual, add the new account to the Dealer ARQLink account.

  Configure Additional Settings
  Connect to the web server of the F3+HD using the IP address you previously configured by opening your internet browser and in the address bar type in the IP address of the unit.  In our example, type in
  Once the page loads, navigate to the bottom and press Settings.
  Using the Serious Play OS manual for the web server settings, adjust settings following this recommended order:
  1. Screen Saver
  2. Widgets
  3. Audio
  4. Encoding
  5. Hardware
  6. Web Site
  7. NetSync
  8. Task Manager

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