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Using the Legacy Interactive Remote

The Interactive Remote allows the user to browse the music library of the ReQuest server and control playback from a PC. Unlike the Serious Play Media Manager, which supports streaming to your PC, the Interactive Remote will only control the server's outputs.  This remote is no longer available directly from the web server with SPOS 6.2 and higher.  Having access to the old interface in addition to the new Web Remote allows direct access to the server's Menu on the F.Series or iQ system.  Otherwise, the old interface is no longer needed for control.

 Launching the Interactive Remote

 From the bottom of the web server, click Remote to launch the Web Remote in a separate tab in the web browser.

 Change the ending iq/iQ_TS15.swf in the address bar to touchscreen.swf and press Enter.
 The Interactive Remote will now load in place of the Web Remote.

 Page Navigation for F.Series
  On the left side of the remote are tabs to flip pages and indicate what page the remote is on (based on which tab is in the foreground).
  • The Browse tab displays the tab used for browsing the music library and selecting items to play.
  • The Search Music tab allows the user to search the music library for specific artist/albums/songs
  • The Now Playing tab shows what is currently playing and provides playback controls.
  The Configuration page allows access to server settings as well as the settings menu. The Help button displays help balloons for various features in there remote.
 Music Location allows the user to select which zone of the ReQuest server he or she would like to control.

 Browsing Tab for F.Series

 The home screen (titled "Where would you like to begin?") screen gives the user choices on how to navigate the music library. Select either Artists, Albums, Genres, All Songs, Playlists, or Play Random Songs.

  The center of the screen shows where in the library the user is navigating. The category is listed at the top. To the right of each item is a button that says either "Show More", "Show Albums", or "Show Songs". This allows the user to drill further into each category.
 Clicking on an item in the center screen will present the user with a pop-up window with the options to:
  • Play This Item Now - The selected item (artist/album/genre/song/playlist) will be played right now.
  • Add This Item to Queue - The selected item will be added to the end Now Playing list.
  • Save This Item to a Playlist - Allows the selected item to be saved to a playlist.
  • Edit this Item - Edits the metadata associated with the selected item.
  • Show Albums by this Artist - Navigates to a list of albums by the artist associated with the selected item (if applicable).
 Clicking on a letter shown below the main navigational window will navigate alphabetically to that section of the current artist/album/genre/song listing.
 The Start Over button will navigate back to the "Where would you like to begin?" page.
  • PAGE UP advances navigation up a page (8 lines)
  • PAGE DN advances navigation down a page (8 lines).
  • BACK navigates back to the previous listing.

 Now Playing for F.Series

The main window of the Now Playing tab shows information about the song currently playing, as well as a progress bar that shows the elapsed time.

The transport buttons allow the user to pause, play, and stop the music, as well as skip to the next track and previous track. These buttons also appear and can be used in the Browse tab.

The buttons on this panel control how the ReQuest server selects items to play.
  •  REPEAT - The server will repeat the contents of the Now Playing List.
  • SHUFFLE - The server will shuffle the contents of the Now Playing List.
  • CONTINUOUS - After the contents of the Now Playing list have played, the server will automatically play something else.
  • RANDOM - The server will randomly select items to play

In the bottom right, the Now Playing List
  • Songs in Queue shows how many songs are queued up to play in the Now Playing List.
  • VIEW changes the remote to the Browse tab and shows the contents of the Now Playing List.
  • CLEAR empties the Now Playing List and halts playback.

 Configuration for F.Series and iQ System
 System Capacity shows a pie chart displaying the percentage of storage space that is used/available on the server.
 The first summary box shows general information about the ReQuest server hardware and software.
 The second box allows the TV LOCK, SHUFFLE LOCK, VOLUME LOCK, REPEAT/CONTINUOUS LOCK to be turned on. See the Audio section of the Web Server Settings for further information about these settings.
 Displays network information for the ReQuest server. The Name of the server can be changed as well.
 Rename the audio zones of the ReQuest server. Enter a name for each audio zone in the boxes on each line.
  Adjusts the calibration settings of an attached ReQuest TS 15/12 Touch Screen.
  Displays the ARQ Menu. See the Menu section under Video / LCD Navigation for details.

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