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Finding Custom Streaming Radio Stations

In addition to the built-in search feature, Internet Radio stations can be manually added to the ReQuest server.

 Manually Adding Streaming Stations

Locate a streaming radio station on the Internet. Shoutcast (www.shoutcast.com) has many to choose from. Only MP3 streams are compatible.

Click the TUNE IN! button for any MP3 stream.  If you have not already set a default player on your computer you will be prompted to.  Select  "I want to listen using my own media player" and then click save

Select either Open With WinAmp or Open With iTunes Then click OK.

For WinAmp, once the stream has started to play click on File and then View File Info...
   Copy the URL to the clipboard.
   For iTunes select the stream and then right click and select Get Info.
   Click on the Edit URL... button
   Copy the URL to your clipboard.

 In the ReQuest server, access the Streaming Library from the webserver.     

Click the Add User Station button.
  Enter a name for the station, a genre, and paste the URL. Click Submit to save.
Note that only MP3 stations are compatible. Also some stations may require a special player to load in the web browser and generally are not compatible with the ReQuest server.

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