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Configuring Lutron Lighting Control

Serious Play firmware version 6.3.2 adds the ability to control a Lutron RadioRa2 lighting control module from your ReQuest IMS or F.Series server.  This is done using 6 configurable "presets" that activate one of the phantom buttons on the Lutron Main Repeater.

Before you begin, it is important to note that ReQuest STRONGLY recommends that you create a special login/password combination to your Lutron Main Repeater that is dedicated to ReQuest integration.  This is important because, if any other system or user logs into the Main Repeater with the same login/password combination as is being used by ReQuest, it will disconnect the ReQuest from the system and your buttons may not function properly.

  Creating a Login/Password for ReQuest Integration

  1. From your Lutron RadioRa2 software, select the "Settings" menu and choose "Integration"
  2. Click "Click here to create a new telnet login"
  3. Set a login and password for the ReQuest account
  4. Click "OK" to save your changes

Configuring Your Lutron RadioRa2 Project

  Assigning Commands to the Phantom Buttons

The first step to configure your Lutron/ReQuest integration is to set up Phantom Buttons on your Lutron Main Repeater.  This is done in the Lutron RadioRa2 software.

  1. From the "Program" page, select your Main Repeater from the "Selected Device Location" pull-down menu.
  2. Choose a Phantom Button from the "Phantom Buttons" pull-down menu and assign an action for that button.
  3. When finished, upload your project to your Main Repeater.

Configuring Your ReQuest Server

  Setting Up the Main Repeater Connection (Option 1)

  1. Open your ReQuest server's webserver in a browser and go to the Settings section (not iQ Configuration)
  2. Select "Lutron" from the pull-down menu at the top
  3. Enter the requested information in the text fields and choose "Submit"

  Setting Up the Main Repeater Connection (Option 2)

  1. From the ReQuest HD GUI, choose "Settings" from the Home screen (not available from the Web Remote)
  2. Choose "Lighting" from the menu
    **If you are configuring your Lutron from an IMC or MP, select "Advanced Settings > Lighting"
  3. Select "Configure Lutron Device"
  4. Enter the requested information in the text fields and choose "Save"

  Assigning Phantom Buttons to Presets

From the home screen on the ReQuest HD UI, select "Lighting".  This will display the Lighting Presets popup window.

If "Lighting" is not listed, go to "Settings > Display Settings > Menu Component Options" and verify that "Lighting" is enabled.
 Select an unused lighting preset by highlighting it and pressing "Enter" or by clicking on it if using a touch GUI.

If you wish to modify an existing lighting preset, press the "Play" or "Pause" button the remote or press and hold on the preset for 5 seconds

 Input a label for the preset and assign it a button number that corresponds with a Phantom Button you have programmed on the Main Repeater.
Click Save to save the preset.

To clear an existing preset, select the Button Label field, choose "Clear" from the popup keyboard and then save the preset. It will revert to "<unused>"

  Activating a Lighting Preset

  Once you have configured your lighting presets, simply select one to activate that command in your Lutron system.

  Exporting/Importing Lighting Presets

  Once you have configured your lighting presets on one device (IMC, MP, TS6, etc), you may wish to copy those presets to your remaining devices to save work.

  1. Open the Settings menu and choose "Lighting" (or "Advanced Settings > Lighting" on an IMC or MP).
  2. To export the presets you have configured, choose "Export Buttons" and select "OK" on the confirmation dialog.
  3. To Import presets you have exported, choose "Import Buttons".  This will overwrite any presets on the target device and apply the exported presets.