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How to Run a Software Update

Below you will find how to run a software update on ReQuest servers and VideoReQuest on each OS platform.

 Update Software for Servers Running Serious Play (3.X +)

Using the LCD screen on the front of the server, use the MENU button on the IR remote (or F3 on a keyboard) to access the menu. Scroll down to Advanced and select Software Update.

From the web server, click Settings on the bottom and select Functions from the pull-down menu at the top. Select Software Update.

 Update Software for Servers Running Software 2.X and earlier

From the menu, (with the handheld remote control or JavaRemote), select Settings.

Select Advanced.

Selecte Software Update (Online)

 Update Software for IMCs

From the home screen, select Settings, followed by System Information.

Select Update Firmware

 Update Software for VRQs

From the VRQ Menu, select Configuration

Select Advanced

Select Online Software Update.

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