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How to find the MAC Address of a Computer

How to Find a Computer's Mac Address

 Microsoft Windows

 Click on the Windows Start Menu.

For Windows XP/2000, click Run and type cmd and click OK

For Windows Vista/Windows 7, click on the "Search Programs and Files" and type cmd and press enter.

In the command prompt window, type in:

ipconfig /all

(and hit enter)

The item listed as the Physical Address is the MAC address.

For example:

Physical Address. . .  . . : 00-E0-18-EF-6B-32

Be sure to note the MAC Address for each connection available (wired and wireless)

 Mac OSX

In any program, click the Apple Logo in the top left corner and select About This Mac

On the About This Mac window, select More Info..

The System Profiler window will appear. On the left, select Network

 Click on each network connection type (Airport for wireless, Built-In Ethernet for wired). In the Ethernet section the MAC Address will be display

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