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Bandwidth Usage

While ReQuest strongly recommends placing an IMC, its SPOS server, and any configured NAS together on their own switch, sometimes it is necessary to install an IMC on the home's main network.  This chart documents the network bandwidth requirements of IMC media operations in several common situations, indicates the number of simultaneous operations of that kind can be supported, and the common name for that transfer speed.

  Common Bandwidth Usage

Bytes/Sec 1000 100 10                 
DVD Archival from SPOS server to NAS 11,080,000 4 * 0 8x DVD
DVD Archival from IMC to NAS 5,540,000 8 1 0 4x DVD
CD Archival from SPOS server to NAS 2,457,600 16 2  * 16x CD
DVD Playback on IMC from SPOS server or NAS 1,385,000 32 3 0 1x DVD
WAV Playback on IMC set to stream from server 176,400 lots 23 2 1x CD
FLAC Playback on IMC set to stream from server 105,900 lots 39 3 0.6x CD
MP3 Playback on IMC set to stream from server 320 = 40,000 lots 104 10

128 = 16,000 lots 550 26
Streaming Station Playback 320 = 40,000 lots 104 10

8 = 1,000 lots lots lots
  • The archival process from an IMC or SPOS server has several different phases, including metadata lookup, which causes it to use lower transfer rates than those listed.
  • Ethernet switches are rated for their maximum *theoretical* transfer rates (e.g. "10/100/1000") in *bits* per second, not *bytes* per second; the maximum *sustained* transfer rates are almost always below this theoretical maximum (sometimes as low as 25-30% of maximum).
  • All transfer rates listed have been confirmed experimentally under common, real-world, known good conditions with a NAS.  When a SPOS server archives a CD or DVD to a NAS on a 10 or 100 kbps network, it will operate below it maximum speed and consume all available bandwidth until completion.