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MP and IMC Network Settings

The Network Settings is where you are able to set the Network Configurations for your MP or IMC.

 Network Settings

   With a Static IP you can assign the IP address to the MP or IMC this is used if you are planning to control your MP or IMC via IP.  If you are using Static you will have to configure the rest of the Network Settings as described below.  If you are not controlling it via IP you can use DHCP, and allow the router to assign the device the Network Settings.  With this set to DHCP, you will not be able to make changes to the other Network Settings.  DHCP is the factory default setting.
  This IP Address is the LAN IP address of your MP or IMC.
  Subnet Mask is the set based on your router, this usually does not need to be changed for most networks.
  The Gateway address is usually the LAN IP address of your router.
  The DNS Server address can be specific to your network or can be set to the same as the Gateway.  However, since many DNS addresses can work one day and become invalid the next, you can set this to a known-good, public DNS address such as  if you are having trouble streaming online content or downloading the firmware update from ReQuest, you may have an invalid DNS address.
  This IP Address is the LAN IP address of the server that is the base for your MP or IMC.
  Web Port and Flash Port should never be changed from these factory defaults as these settings are specific to how the server communicates with the IMC and are hard coded in the server.

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