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MP and IMC Audio Settings

The Audio Settings control what audio outputs and features of the MP and IMC are used to play audio for movies and music.

 Audio Settings

  HDMI utilizes the HDMI output on the MP and IMC for audio. (Please note: if you are using HDMI for audio the Digital and Analog audio outputs will be disabled.  If you are using both the HDMI and Component Video we recommend using the Digital audio or the Digital in combination with the Analog audio)

Analog, Digital, & Optical
 Output enables the analog, coaxial, and optical  outputs for audio
  Pass Thru uses whatever audio settings are selected on the movie.

Pass Thru (bitstreaming) provides the Dolby Digital bitstream for audio systems that require it. Also used for 5.1, surround sound, and DTS.

2 Channel Stereo converts the audio to simple left/right stereo.
  If the MP and IMC are configured for an F.Series server, the F.Series can be controlled from the MP and IMC using the Server (control server outputs)

Alternately the music can be streamed over the network to the MP and IMC (if it is in MP3 format or Dual Encoding is enabled) using the MP and IMC (stream music to this MP or IMC) option as the audio source. This requires audio cables to physically be connected from the F.Series to the MP and IMC.
  Adjust Audio Sync Timing adjust the synchronization of the movie audio and video.

If the movie audio and video seem to be out of sync, click the + and - to adjust the timing of the audio stream.

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