MP and IMC Advanced Settings

The advanced settings for the MP and IMC allow custom configuration of Lighting, hiding Unplayable Media,  authorizing your Netflix Account, and adjusting Hulu Timing to accommodate slower networks.  In addition the default movie Language can be adjusted and Blu-ray configuration of Serial Devices and Disc Lookups can be managed in this section.


 Lighting allows for control over your Lutron RadioRA 2 wireless light system.
 Configure Lutron Device is where you set the IP Address, Telenet Port, Integration ID, Username and Password for your Lutron Devices into the MP/IMC to allow for control of those devices.
Export Configuration saves all lighting button commands on the ReQuest Server and allows you to import them into another device.

Import Configuration imports all lighting button commands to the ReQuest Server that have been saved from another device.

 Show/Hide Unplayable Media
 Show/Hide Unplayable Media is used to hide the options that are unavailable to this MediaPlayer or IMC you are currently controlling, such as the Blu-Ray titles that are controlled by another MP/IMC on your system.

 Authorize Netflix

 Authorize Netflix is used to authorize the MP and IMC to login to a Netflix account.
 Select Yes to begin the authorization process or No to return to the previous menu.
 Enter the Netflix member credentials and click Submit.
Click Close to complete the process.

 Adjust Hulu Timing
 Adjust Hulu Timing is used to adjust the delay used when playing back Hulu videos.
 Use the slider to increase the delay if Hulu videos load but seem to get stuck and do not play.
 Click Save to save the changes, Cancel to return to the previous menu.


 Language setting is used to allow you to change the default audio track an archived movie will use in playback (if available).

 To select a different language, use the up and down arrows on the MP and IMC remote and press the center Enter button to select the default language track.  To exit press the Home button.

 Serial Devices
 To check the connections of the IMC/MP to the Sony BDP-CX7000ES and video switch, navigate to Settings, then Advanced Settings. Choose Serial Devices.
 You will see the detected devices displayed on the screen. If your device is not listed, you can choose RESCAN to begin a detection scan.

Note: The Gefen EXT-HDMI1.3-441 switches do not all identify themselves so you may see Unknown for some video switches. This is normal and will work properly.

 Changer Disc Lookup
 To verify the progress of scanning the discs in the BDP-CX7000ES navigate to Settings, then Advanced Settings and choose Changer Disc Lookup.

 If there is a scan in progress, the information will be displayed about which disc is being scanned and how many discs in total are remaining.

It may take 30-60 seconds to retrieve the ID for each disc.
 When the disc scan is complete, the progress will be reported. Any discs which could not be read by the changer will be listed. In the example, the disc in Slot 379 is unreachable.

Unreadable discs could be:
  • Disc inserted backwards into slot.
  • Disc is damaged.
  • Disc is not a DVD, CD, or Blu-ray.
These discs should be removed from the changer.

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