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iQ IR and Uncontrollable Sources on the TS.35

 Navigating IR and Uncontrollable Sources
  To start playing back audio on the iQ system using the TS.35 touch panels, you must first choose what room you would like to play music in.  To play music in the current room, press PLAY MUSIC.  To choose another room to play music in choose PICK A ROOM from the toggle list.
   If audio playback is already in progress or something is Now Playing in the room you have chosen, a pop-up will appear where you can choose any of these options:
  • Change Music - Allows you to change the music currently playing within the existing source.
  • Change Source - Allows you to change the source to a different source than is currently playing in the room.
  • Turn Room Off - Allows you to turn off the Room to stop all music and clear the current Now Playing queue.

 After choosing Change Source or once the room has been selected, you then must choose which source to play. The IR or uncontrollable source will appear with the configured icon and description.
  For an uncontrollable source, the screen will simply show the detailed icon with no available functions.  The purpose of choosing this source is to switch the amplifier to start outputting that audio source in the chosen room.
  For IR controlled sources, depending on the template associated with the device, a different screen will appear.  For cable boxes, there are available presets and the ability to change the channel up and down and power the device.  There is no feedback for any of these devices.
  To configure a preset simply press and hold on the preset you wish to configure.  The preset will turn orange then a pop-up will appear so the station number can be entered.
  Once the station number has been set, the description of the station can be established.

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