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Using Pandora with Serious Play

With Pandora, you can use pandora.com to create your own personal radio stations.  Once you have created stations at pandora.com, they will appear on your ReQuest server.

With the Streaming Radio selection, you will now see Pandora Stations.

Using Pandora with ReQuest Serious Play OS

Select "Streaming" from the ReQuest server interface (Web Remote, Touch Screen, 3rd party control system)
  Select "Pandora Stations"

Select a station to play and within moments Pandora will choose music from the station you created. You can then:

  • Pause*
  • Stop*
  • Skip to the next track
  • Vote
  • Don't play for 30 days

Keep in mind that the functions of repeat, shuffle, previous track, add to queue-play last, add to queue-play next, and numerous others perform differently or not at all with a streaming radio station. In particular, a station cannot be shuffled into a playlist nor repeated.  Queuing a Pandora station will play it immediately.


*Pausing or stopping a Pandora station may not resume the track depending on how long it has been paused or stopped since Pandora expires the media location after a few minutes.

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