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Pandora and ReQuest FAQ


  Frequently Asked Questions

At what bitrate does Pandora stream to the ReQuest?

Pandora provides different bitrate streams depending on the subscription of the account. Most streams for Pandora One subscribers are 256k, but several are 192k and even 128k. The highest available stream quality is always requested by the ReQuest server.

How come Pandora does not appear in my web server settings?

Your ReQuest server may not be running Serious Play 6.3 or later. Check for a software update and perform the update if necessary.

Also Your ReQuest server may not be activated for Streaming Radio. If you do not see any “Streaming Library” displayed on the server's web page, the server is not activated. Please contact your dealer/installer or ReQuest to purchase the streaming option for your server or click this link to purchase. You will need your ReQuest server's serial number.

I have paid for the Finetune service on my iQ. What will happen with Pandora?

Pandora will not interfere with an active Finetune subscription. Finetune applies to the iQ's zone 6 output. Pandora will appear on the iQ's streaming zone 5 automatically. When your subscription with Finetune ends, you can change Zone 6 back into a streaming zone and use Pandora there as well.

Do you support the free Pandora accounts?

No. The paid Pandora One subscription is required so that advertisements and monthly quotas can be avoided.

I have a paid Pandora One subscription. Why does music stop after 5 hours?

According to the Terms Of Service from Pandora, even for a paid subscription the stream must be ended if the user hasn't interacted with the system for 5 hours. If you pause, stop, or skip ahead during the 5 hours, the timer is reset for the zone.

Can I create stations, like/dislike, refine or take other actions?

At this time you can pause, stop, skip to next track, vote and choose to not play for 30 days.  Other Pandora controls may be added in a future Serious Play OS update.

Will my control system need to be reprogrammed to work with Pandora?

If the control system is already capable of showing Streaming Radio stations, then no changes are necessary.
How many times can I skip songs?

You can skip all day, but you are limited to six skips per hour due to licensing constraints.

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