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The server Menu is typically used to change network and video settings, update server software, and reset the system to the default settings.  Many of the same options are available on the web server under Settings.  Most importantly, it is necessary to use the LCD or video out menu to determine what IP address the server has been assigned.  To display the Menu, press the MENU button on the ReQuest 64 button remote.

LCD Display
Video Display

 Main Menu
System Information
 System Information displays the following information about the ReQuest server:
  • The name of the ReQuest Server.
  • The Encoding and Dual Encoding bit rate.
  • IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS, and MAC addresses.
  • Serial Number.
  • Software Version.
  • Catalog size, storage capacity and free space.
  • Amount of Artists/Albums/Playlists/Songs/Movies on the system.
CD/DVD The CD/DVD menu allows for the user to:
  • View the status of CD/DVD that is currently in the drive.
  • Archive the CD/DVD to the system.
  • Eject the disc.
 The NetSync menu allows the user to stop or start a NetSync between two ReQuest servers. These actions are only applicable to servers that are configured to be a "NetSync Client".
Network  The Network menu is where the network settings for the ReQuest server can be viewed/changed. By default, the ReQuest server is set to use DHCP, where it will automatically obtain an IP address from the network (as long as the network supports DHCP). A static IP address can also be assigned to the server.
 Video The Video menu allows the user to select what video mode (Component/Composite/S-Video/DVI) the server should use. Not all video modes are applicable to all servers.

 Advanced Menu
Software Update
 Selecting Software Update will tell the ReQuest server to connect to the Internet to download and install the latest software available to the server.
Test Network
 The Test Network function will have the ReQuest server attempt to connect to various websites on the Internet in order to test its connectivity. If the test fails, it is advised that the user check the network configuration in the Network menu as well as the physical connection.
Calibrate ReQuest Touch Screen
 This menu option is for calibrating a ReQuest TS.15 or TS.12 that is attached directly to the server using VGA & USB.
 Reboot Selecting Reboot will cause the ReQuest server to shutdown and start back up again.
Reset Ports Reset Ports will reset the user-changeable TCP ports for the ReQuest server back to their default values and reset any password assigned to the Web Server. The default TCP ports are:
  • Web Port - 80
  • Control Port - 3663
  • Flash Port - 3660
  • Legacy NetSync Port - 4665
Reset Factory Defaults Reset Factory Defaults will reset settings on the ReQuest back to factory settings.
Remove All Media Remove All Media will remove all media stored on the ReQuest server's hard drive.

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