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Now Playing

Viewing Now Playing on the server LCD and video out enables you to see what is currently playing and manage how your music is played.  You can also skip to the next song, play, pause and stop the playback.  To get into the now playing mode, press the MODE button on the ReQuest 64 button remote to toggle between the Now Playing screen and the Browse screen.

LCD Display
 Video Output

 Now Playing

  • The PLAY, PAUSE, STOP buttons on the remote will control what is currently playing.
  • NEXT and  PREV will skip to the next song or previous song in the list.
  • REW and FWD will rewind and fast forward the song playback.
Clearing all songs from Now Playing
  • To clear all songs from Now Playing,  press ALT+NOW PLAYING  on the IR remote.
  • The Now Playing list can also be cleared by pressing the stop button 4 times in a row.
 Random Mode
  • To access this mode, press the JUMP DOWN button
  • To get out of this mode: press the JUMP UP key (returns to original Now Playing list)
Plays all songs in Now Playing once in "shuffled" order. (toggle on and off with SHUFFLE Button)
Plays Now Playing non-stop (toggled on by pressing REPEAT button)
Plays all songs in the ReQuest server non-stop after the current selection completes (toggled on by pressing REPEAT button a second time. For example, if an artist is selected to play, the current Now Playing list will complete that artist and go to the next one alphabetically. This also applies to Genre, Album, and Playlist.

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