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Browsing the server on the LCD and video out is a way to navigate your Music Library and choose to play or edit your music.  To get into browse mode, press the MODE button on the ReQuest 64 button remote to toggle between the Now Playing screen and the Browse screen.

 LCD Display
Video Display

  • The arrow buttons on the remote are used for navigation.
  • Hit ENTER to drill into a category.
  • Using the left arrow will navigate back to the previous listing.
  • When using the video display, SHIFT+MODE and SHIFT+MENU will toggle audio zones on the F.Series.
Playing Music
  • To play an item now, hit SHIFT+NOW PLAYING (music note key) on the remote.
  • To add it to the queue, hit ALT+E.
  • Use the MODE button to toggle between the navigation screen and the Now Playing screen.

LCD Display Video Display

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