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Using TS.N Touch Screen for iQ Control

The TS.N can be used to navigate and control an iQ system.

 Getting Started - Home Page

 Home Page, by default, displays any configured widgets, navigation, and control icons.  Widgets can be configured by going to the web server of the server in the settings section.  For instructions on configuring widgets, click here.
 To control and manage the iQ system, choose from the options available on the home screen which include:
  • Music - Allows you to select a source and specific media selection to play music (or just an audio source) in the current room.
  • Photos - Allows you to manage your photos and available shared folders.  For instructions on managing photos, click here.
  • Rooms - Allows you to select a different room to control.
  • Parties - Allows you to manage parties.
  • Settings - Allows you to switch servers and cover browse options.
 Below the currently displayed widget are the available widgets.
 By clicking on the Sun & Cloud icon, the weather results will display in the right snapshot window.  To configure your local weather, see widgets configuration.
 By clicking on the Stock Bar Graph icon, the stock results will display in the right snapshot window.  To configure your list of stocks, see widgets configuration.
 By clicking on the Web Cam icon, the web cam will display in the right snapshot window.  To configure your web cam options, see widgets configuration.

 At any point when navigating on the TS.N, click on the Home icon will take you back to his main screen.

 To turn off the audio for the system, press the Power icon on the top of the screen.  A pop out icon with the choice of ALL OFF will appear.  By selecting this it will turn off any music currently playing in all rooms.

 To lock the room so other control panels and remote do not interrupt the current source, press the Lock icon. Press the icon again to unlock the source.
 If volume control is available for the source, the volume controls will appear at the top right of the screen.  The controls include Volume Up, Down and Mute in addition to a vertical volume progress bar.

 Managing Rooms
 To control a specific room, choose Rooms from the list on the Home page.
 A list of Rooms available appear in alphabetical order.   To select a room simply press the desired
room name.
 If the room is currently on, you will have the choice to Change the Music for the current source, Change the Source or Turn the Room Off.
 If the room you are switching from is part of a party, a pop-up will appear giving you the option to stay in the party by clicking Cancel, or to Leave Party.
 Once the room has changed, if the room is currently off, the Source list will appear, otherwise it will go to the Now Playing screen.

 Managing Parties

 To join, start or manage a party, choose Parties from the list on the Home page (simultaneous multi-room control).

 A list of already available Party's will display in a list and at the top of the list is the option to Create New Party.  Select a party that you would like to manage. To create a new party, select [Create New Party].

 When creating a new party, you will first be prompted for the name of the party.  Enter the name of the party and then touch the Save Name option.

 After saving the name of the party, you must choose the rooms you would like to be included for the party.  This will allow you to start a party and automatically start playing the same music on those rooms simultaneously.

To select a room, merely touch the room and a green check-mark will indicate the room is now part of the party.  Repeat for each of the rooms you would like to add.

 After selecting the rooms included in the party you must now choose the source you would like to play in all of the rooms.  Once one of the sources has been highlighted in yellow, choose Save Changes.  You will then be directed back to the Home page of the TS.35.
 To manage the existing party, choose Parties from the list on the Home page.  If the room is already part of an existing, ongoing party, you have ability to Modify Party, Leave Party, End Party or Cancel.
 If there is no party in progress, you have the ability to pick any party to join or modify.  To modify an existing party, select the party you wish to modify.

 If the room is not a member of an ongoing party, the options include
Join Party, End Party and Cancel.

If the room is a member of the selected party but the party is not currently in progress, the options include Begin Party, Modify Party, Delete Party and Cancel.

 Managing Settings

 To manage the settings for the TS.N, choose Settings from the list on the Home page.

 The Settings options include Cover Browser Options and Exit to Server Selector.  Exiting to Server Selector will take you back to the initial screen to choose a server detected on the network.
 If Cover Browser Options is selected, you can choose to sort cover browsing by Album Title or Artist Name.