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TS.N Touch Screens

The TS.N touch screens go far beyond music, bringing an imaginative array of lifestyle information to your fingertips. Music is presented visually including Album Art for your stored music, station icons for XM, and web logos for streaming radio. A couple of taps on the touchscreen and the perfect music for your dinner party will be playing throughout the house.

The local weather forecast, your stock portfolio, and up to six webcams are also part of the TS.N display. Now, while selecting your favorite morning music, you can check the weather for the day, how the NASDAQ performed yesterday, and see what the drive to work is going to be from the roadside traffic cams along your route.

All TS.N panels featuring Ethernet connectivity and can be elegantly displayed on an office desk, under a kitchen counter, or wall mounted.
Up to eight TS.N touch screens can be integrated into an iQ or ReQuest media server based system.



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