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iQ Hard Drive Sources on the MP and IMC

 Using Now Playing
 Manage PlayLists

 Navigating Hard Drive Source Music

  Select Music from the main menu to play music on the iQ system. By default the MP and IMC will control the room that the MP and IMC were placed into in the iQ configuration.  To play music in a different room, choose Rooms and pick a room from the list.
  After selecting Music (or after selecting a room from the Rooms list), you will see the list of Sources.  If the current room is already controlling a source, you will see Current Source at the top of the list.  Select this option to control the same source, or choose a different source from the list (the Hard Drive sources have the iQ icon to the left).

The names for the sources can be renamed and reordered in the iQ configuration.
  After a hard drive source has been selected, a list of categories will be displayed.
  • Now Playing - Flips you to the Player screen where you can see/control what is playing
  • Covers - Show the cover browser (see below)
  • Artists/Albums/etc - Browse an list of artists/albums/etc.
The covers will display for each album in alphabetical order.  The "selected" album is the larger one in the center.  Use the left and right buttons to move between albums.
To use the letter jump, press the Up or Down buttons on your remote to scroll through letters.  Press ENTER to jump to that letter.
 To jump down the list to any letter in the alphabet, use the right arrow until the the # in the side letter jump enlarges.  Use the up and down arrows to select a letter to jump to, and press ENTER on the remote.

  When browsing a list (Artists, for instance) use the arrows on the remote to navigate the list. Pressing ENTER navigates into the selected category.

Press PLAY on the remote for options on playing or queuing the entire category.

When pressing PLAY on the category, a pop-up list will appear giving you a number of options.

Use the BACK button on the remote to return to the list.
  • Play This Now - This selection will immediately start playing in the front of the current Now Playing.
  • Play This Next - This selection will start playing after the completion of the current song.
  • Play This Last - This selection will start playing after all songs in the current Now Playing have completed.
  • Save This to a Playlist - Save this current selection to a new or existing playlist.

 To search for music, on the main hard drive source music category list, highlight Search and press ENTER.
  By choosing to search, you can search by Artist, Album, Genre or Song Title.  Choose the category to search by highlighting the name of the category and press ENTER.
 A new screen will appear with the ability to select the closet match or the next match without having to type in an exact match.  Once the search has selected the correct item, select Play.
To change sources or rooms at any time, press the HOME button on the remote control.

 Using Now Playing
  From the Home screen select Music option, then select Now Playing.

  The Now Playing screen shows the details of the current song as well as the next song in the queue.

At the bottom of the Now Playing screen, there are transport controls available to control what is currently playing.
  • Play, Pause and Stop - Will control the playback of the current selection.
  • Previous and Next Track - Will go to the previous or next track in the current playback mode (if paused, it will move to the next track paused at the beginning of the song)
  • Find Music - Will take you back to the navigation options for the source.  For the hard drive source it will list the category icons.
  • Next Page - Allows you to flip through different options on the Now Playing screen
  • Shuffle - Shuffle plays what is currently in Now Playing back in a shuffled order.
  • Continuous - After Now Playing has completed, with continuous enabled it will start over in whichever mode is currently set.  This also works in conjunction with Random.
  • Random - Will play the whole music collection in a random order.  If nothing is queued in Now Playing it will queue the whole collection.

 Manage Playlists
Songs can be added to a Playlist through two main methods, from a list of media or from Now Playing.
  To add a song/album/artist/genre to a Playlist, press the Play button on the remote control when the selection is highlighted. From the pop-up choose Save This to a Playlist.

  The music selection can be added to an existing Playlist, or a new one.

If this is a new playlist, select [New Playlist], otherwise select the name of the Playlist from the list.
  A pop-up window will appear where you can input the name of the new playlist.  Once complete, select Save Playlist.
  To view Playlists on the system, select Playlists from the main screen for the hard drive source.

  The new playlist is now listed in the Playlist screen with the number of songs in the playlist to the left.

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