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iQ IR and Uncontrollable Sources on the MP and IMC

 Navigating IR and Uncontrollable Sources
  To start playing music from any IR or uncontrollable sources on the iQ system using the MP and IMC, you must first choose what room you would like to play audio in.  To play audio  in the current room, press Music.  To choose another room to play audio in choose Rooms.
 After selecting Music (or after selecting a room from the Rooms list), you will see the list of Sources.  If the current room is already controlling a source, you will see Current Source at the top of the list.  Select this option to control the same source, or choose an IR or uncontrollable Source.
 For an uncontrollable source, the screen will simply show the detailed icon with no available functions.  The purpose of choosing this source is to switch the amplifier to start outputting that audio source in the chosen room.

 For IR controlled sources, depending on the template associated with the device, a different screen will appear.  For cable boxes, there are available presets and the ability to change the channel up and down and power the device.  There is no feedback for any of these devices.

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