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iQ Hard Drive Sources on the TS.N

 Navigating Hard Drive Source Music

 To start playing music from the hard drive source on the iQ system using the TS.N touch panels, you must first choose what room you would like to play music in.  To play music in the current room, press Music.  To choose another room to play music in choose Rooms.

 If music is already in progress or something in Now Playing in the room you have chosen, a pop-up will appear where you can choose any of these options:
  • Change Music - Allows you to change the music current playing within the existing source.
  • Change Source - Allows you to change the source to a different source than is what currently playing in the room.
  • Turn Room Off - Allows you to turn off the Room to stop all music and clear the current Now Playing queue.
 After choosing Change Source or once the room has been selected, you then must choose which source to play.  The hard drive source can be customized and renamed.  To choose a hard drive source, select one of the sources with the iQ icon to the left.
 After a source has been selected, a screen of navigation options will appear.  For hard drive sources, icons display for each method of navigation.  If classical mode is enabled, there will be additional navigating options.
 A list of options based on the category chosen for a hard drive source will appear.  At any point you can drill down to the narrowed down list by touching the name, or instead press the blue PLAY button to play all media relating to the section.
 When choosing PLAY, a pop-up list will appear giving you these options:
  • Play This Now - This selection will immedietely start playing in the front of the current Now Playing.
  • Play This Next - This selection will start playing after the completion of the current song.
  • Play This Last - This selection will start playing after all songs in the current Now Playing have completed.
  • Save This to a Playlist - Save this current selection to a new or existing playlist.
  • Close - Choose this to close out of this screen and perform none of the play options.
 To change sources or rooms at any time, press the top HOME button to go back to the main screen.

 Using Now Playing
 Access Now Playing by selecting PLAY MUSIC from the bottom of the Home screen, choose a hard drive source then select the Now Playing icon from the category icons.

after selecting music to play, you are taken to the Now Playing screen.
 The Now Playing screen shows the Song, Artist, Album, Cover Art, and playback progress of the song and queue.
 At the bottom of the Now Playing screen, there are transport controls available to control what is currently playing:
  • Play, Pause and Stop - Will control the playback of the current selection.
  • Previous and Next Track - Will go to the previous or next track in the current playback mode (if paused, it will move to the next track paused at the beginning of the song)
  • Find Music - Will take you back to the navigation options for the source.  For the hard drive source it will list the category icons.
  • Next Page - Allows you to flip through different options on the Now Playing screen
  • Shuffle - Shuffle plays what is currently in Now Playing back in a shuffled order.
  • Continuous - After Now Playing has completed, with continuos enabled it will start over in which ever mode is currently set.  This also works in conjunction with Random.
  • Random - Will play the whole music collection in a random order.  If nothing is queued in Now Playing it will queue the whole collection.
 On the bottom of the Now Playing screen there are additional functions available including:
  • Add to Playlist - Add the existing Now Playing queue to an existing Playlist or a new Playlist.
  • View Queue - Lists all the songs in the standard list view that are currently
  • Clear Queue - Removes all the songs currently queued in the Now Playing list.  This will stop all music and bring you back to a cleared Now Playing screen.

 Manage Playlists
Songs can be added to a Playlist through two main methods, from a list of media or from Now Playing.
  To add a song to a Playlist from a list, press the Play icon to the right of the name of the media.  From the pop-up choose Save This to a Playlist.
  To add a song to a Playlist from Now Playing, press the Add to Playlist icon at the bottom right of the Now Playing screen.
  After choosing to add a selection of music to a Playlist, a screen will display with the list of existing playlists.  If this is a new playlist, press [New Playlist].
  A pop-up window will appear where you can input the name of the new playlist.  Once complete, press Save Playlist.
  Once the playlist has been saved, the screen will flip to the list of songs currently in the new playlist.
  The new playlist is now listed in the Playlist screen with the number of songs in the playlist to the right.  To add music to an existing playlist, select the existing playlist by pressing the name
  To view all existing playlists, navigate to the category icon list and press the Playlists icon.