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Pandora Services On Legacy Integration
Updates by Pandora have disabled functionality on legacy ReQuest servers. This service integration is no longer supported by ReQuest Serious Play LLC. Newer ReQuest servers (post 2016) that use the integration are NOT affected and continue to work without issue. Please submit a support case to the Tech Support team to determine if your server is eligible for an upgrade to use this new integration.

09/23/2018 10:42
NetSync for iTunes Cannot Determine iTunes Version (MacOS)
Apple recently released iTunes 12.4 which has changed some internal data types and caused a problem that breaks the integration of NetSync for iTunes with iTunes on Mac OS. Further, they have already patched iTunes to 12.4.119 to correct one of the issues with the XML file. We expect they will produce additional fixes to resolve the issue they created.

In the interim, our engineers have identified a workaround for the problem and have a solution being tested now. Until Apple confirms and/or documents the changes to iTunes, we will likely not release a new version of NetSync for iTunes as it cannot be confirmed stable until Apple stops making adjustments.

If you wish to try the manual workaround fix, you can apply this via Terminal. Click here

Check this site for updates and further information.
Updated: 6/14/2016 10:03
Yahoo Weather Service - Error & Updated Settings
As a result of the change Yahoo made to their weather service, the unit of the weather data (F or C) was no longer being processed. This has been corrected and your systems will be automatically patched to update that. If you still see "Network Error" or another message, be patient. All systems will be patched as long as they are online and available.

The use of the Postal/Zip Code outside of the USA is no longer supported by Yahoo Weather. You may now use a "City, State" or "City, Province" when trying to locate proper weather data.

For example, this postal code no longer works: SFXX0234
You must now use: Hout Bay, South Africa

Updated: 04/11/2016 9:01
NetSync© for iTunes® Not Detecting iTunes
(Windows, MacOS) The latest updates to iTunes, which is also included when you update your MacOS to El Capitan, disables the sharing of the iTunes XML file. This prevents any application from working with iTunes. You will have to manually re-enable it. In Preferences->Advanced, make sure the "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" is enabled. You must Exit/Quit out of the NSFiT2 software, and Exit/Quit iTunes. Note that on a Mac you must actually quit iTunes after you make the settings change. You may then relaunch the programs.

10/15/2015 12:57

The online support form is closed due to a server failure at the ReQuest office.

Please email We expect the issue will be resolved by Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

The current time in New York is 2/16/2019 12:54:58 AM.
ReQuest Serious Play offers Technical Support only via this online support tool. This will allow the support staff and engineers to prioritize the cases so that current dealers with in-warranty products may be served first. End-users are welcome to ask questions here, but should always seek support from their ReQuest installer.

If your ReQuest server is able to power on, and you can see output on the VGA, it may be recoverable remotely by our staff. Visit the Remote Diagnostic Disc page for more information.

Outside the USA? For technical support outside the USA, contact ReQuest Audio Switzerland AG at or visit their website at

Problem with this form? If you have problems with this form, please email with the serial number of the ReQuest server and a description of the problem. We will submit the form on your behalf.
As an end-user customer of ReQuest, your device is supported by the dealer/installer who purchased and installed the system. That dealer is your first and best line of support and has the information and expertise to best assist you. We do value the end-user who is using the product, however we provide support to the dealers who purchased the equipment from us to install into your system.
Please enter as much detail as you can. Include all related serial numbers of any ReQuest devices you need help with.
ReQuest Serious Play Support Staff and Engineers will attempt to access your ReQuest device(s) remotely. Once this case is submitted, please make sure the device is online (if possible) and refrain from using it until requested by ReQuest staff.
   I acknowledge the remote access disclaimer.
We will make every attempt to resolve your problem or answer your question. Sometimes, support of an out-of-warranty system may be billed at $125/hour.
   I acknowledge the support charge statement.
What is
Our staff is currently attending a tradeshow in Munich, Germany.
Cases submitted may not be responded until Monday, May 9, 2016.
If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting your case, that means we did not receive it. Please resubmit the form or supply the information to Note that an email to obtain support may still result in support charges of $125/hour. You will be informed before any charges occur.
We value all customers, installers, dealers, distributors, and end users of ReQuest products. However, we are a small company with nearly 30,000 machines installed worldwide. We cannot provide direct phone support to the end-user customers of ReQuest products. We can assist you online and via email. If you need to speak with someone or set up a service call, please contact your dealer directly.