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Streaming Services Special Notes

Check this page for the current status of various special features or functional issues on certain streaming services.

 Current Special Notes

  1. We have noticed that "CBC Radio 1" and all subset stations are often non-functional. They are non-functional from Logitech devices as well.
  1. Due to a bug in the Logitech Media Server, the ReQuest server must be rebooted to pick up TuneIn's My Favorites. Once the My Favorites appear, they will update automatically.
  1. Spotify requires a special login apart from the Spotify configuration you do at mysqueezebox.com. Visit your ReQuest server's Settings to configure the Spotify account information.
  2. With Spotify, only one zone of playback is permitted at a time per account. This includes using Spotify on your computer, iPhone, or Android.
  1. Features such as Skip, Like, Hate, and Tired will be returning soon to the Flash UIs.
  2. Pandora is now enforcing the "6 skips per hour" requirement.
  3. Pandora is only available in the U.S.
  1. Features such as Favorite, Unfavorite, and Ban will be returning soon to the Flash UIs
  1. This service provides 1 minute segments of classical music. There is nothing wrong with the ReQuest server or the streaming service.
  1. The Rhapsody service is not functional on non-Windows-based players. We have no estimation on whether this service will be available on ReQuest systems.

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