ReQuest Serious Play

ReQuest now provides the brains AND the muscle.

Our new NAS4R is a rack mountable system of Network Attached Storage designed to work seamlessly with your ReQuest system.

  • Zero Configuration
    100% automatic discovery and configuration by the ReQuest F3 server
  • 16TB Capacity
    Using 4TB enterprise-grade SATA hard drives, get up to 16TB total storage
  • Fault Tolerant
    Hot-swappable drives and RAID5 protection allows for up to 1 drive to fail with no loss of data
  • Gigabit Ethernet
    1000kBps networking ensures smooth audio and video playback
  • Unlimted Storage
    Add as many NAS devices to your system as you need
  • Advanced Web Configuration
    Web-based tools for monitoring as well as configuration of advanced networking functions
  • Rackmount Form Factor
    1u rackmount 19" chassis for installation in rack environment
  • Power To Spare
    Ultra-stable, auto-switching 110/220V power supply provides clean power to the drives

IMPORTANT! The ReQuest NAS is intended solely for use with a ReQuest server and will not permit you to create shares or folders for personal, non-media files.