ReQuest Serious Play

Your entire movie collection: Now playing on a tablet or smartphone near you!

Now available for all current ReQuest systems- Maestro mobile control and streaming.

With Maestro, you can browse, search, and sort your entire ReQuest-archived music and movie collection, and with a tap of the finger, you can bring a movie to life on any audio zone or MediaPlayer equipped TV in the house.

Take command of playback using the built-in gesture based remote control or quickly sort through your whole collection with the live search bar.

When it's time to leave the house, your collection comes with you. Maestro lets you stream your music and movies directly to your iPad, iPhone, Android device or Chrome/Safari web browser, even over 3G!

Maestro is NOT AN APP. It is an upgrade to your server and video player. Once Maestro is active, all of your devices can connect without installing or purchasing any further apps.

Note: Maestro has certain limitations on older IMC and MediaPlayer models. Consult ReQuest support for details.

TO DOWNLOAD: From your ReQuest webserver, click on the "Maestro" badge at the bottom.


  • Your Music Library
  • Your DVD Movie Library
  • Streaming Entertainment
  • Gesture Based Control
  • Control Integration
  • Direct Streaming to Mobile Devices