ReQuest Serious Play


At home, at sea, or in the air, ReQuest creates a seamless entertainment universe that follows you no matter where you go.

ReQuest brings maximum quality music and video to your deluxe home system while intelligently streaming to your portable devices. Your media is never more than a click away.

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...allows you to take your media everywhere with the ability to stream your music and movies directly to your Maestro equipped portable device.

...automatically dual encodes your music to give you a full sized high quality music file for filling your home audio system with rich sound while also giving you a smaller file for portable devices and streaming.

...synchronizes your music to multiple iTunes libraries with our one-of-a-kind NetSync for iTunes library sync application.

...synchronizes your music to multiple homes so your vacation home and yacht can have the same great selection.

...delivers a whole universe of streaming entertainment blended seamlessly with your own meticulously managed media library.

...provides the same luxury entertainment experience on land, sea, and air with our Yacht and Airplane A/V solutions.

...can be configured to communicate with you in an ever-expanding array of international languages.

...brings the experience to the open marketplace with our new OEM options.