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Blu-Ray Changer Movie Playback on the IMC

The IMC only can also be used to control and index the Sony BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray changer.  With the click of a button you can instantly watch your movies from the Blu-ray changer on your large screen TV. 

 Playing Blu-Ray DVDs

  Once movies begin scanning into the IMC, you can immediately browse them on the system. Discs in the changer appear side-by-side with archived discs.

To play a disc from the changer, select Enter on your remote. This will bring up detail for the disc.

You can now choose Play Disc to play the movie or click the + to add it to your Favorite Movies.

Note: The disc's slot number is displayed as well. In this example, Cars is in Slot 381.

Once a movie from the changer is selected, the IMC will begin a loading sequence. When the changer signals that it is ready to play the disc, the video switch will be changed to Input 2 so your television sees the Blu-ray playback.

Once playback switches to the changer, all movie commands are directed to the changer. For example, Play, Pause, Menu, FF, REW, etc will all be sent from your IMC remote to the BDP-CX7000ES.

To exit Blu-ray disc playback, press Stop or Home on your IMC remote. This will stop the BDP-CX7000ES from playing and also switch the video back to the IMC.

Once the changer takes over playback, the IMC will switch to the screen shown with the text at the bottom:

Now Playing on Changer Slot 381. Press STOP or HOME on your IR Remote to continue browsing.

If you see this screen but were expecting the Blu-ray movie, your video switch did not respond to the change of input.

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