Bring your locations to life with video and image presentations that play all day long according to your schedule. Program your own TV channel that plays your custom informational clips and promotional campaigns. Create professional looking point-of-sale slideshows and colorful animated menu and price boards easily from Powerpoint presentations. Upload and program your visuals anytime, anywhere using the intuitive Five-motion drag and drop web-based application.

  • Easily Unify Customer Experience

    You have carefully developed the look and feel that you want your company to project. Branding, color schemes, and language are all parts of the specific personality you want each location to communicate to the customer.

    With Five-motion, you can take control of the design of price lists, menus of services, and rotating systems of promotinal graphics and videos then deploy them nationally, leaving nothing to chance.

  • Educate your Customers

    Whether your customers are hurrying through the aisles or sitting in a waiting room, every glance is an opportunity to grab their attention.

    Introduce a whole new product line or remind them why the leading product sells so well using custom, targeted video presentations and informational graphics, all controlled and delivered by you.

  • Brand Live Television

    If your screens are playing the news, the shows, or the big game, then you already have their attention right where you want it.

    Five-motion allows you to assemble a fully customizable display that puts your branding and messaging in an active, controllable matrix around a live television feed. Promote specials, advertise events, or just keep your logo fresh in their minds as the TV channel does all the work.


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