Nobody knows your customers and their tastes as well as you. The Five-motion solution allows you to take your music and atmosphere beyond what any iPod or canned music service can deliver. Upload your licensed music to your private library using any web browser. Create playlists and edit song names, genres, and cover art just like in iTunes. Organize your own radio station and deploy it to one location, one region, or your entire enterprise with the click of a mouse.

Whether it's time for an elegant dinner in New York City...

...or a lively, rocking happy hour in Seattle...

...or a strictly business power lunch in Tokyo, your customers hear exactly what you expect them to hear when you want them to hear it.

Brand Your Day

Create audio marketing campaigns targeted to specific locations or regions or apply a unified, national campaign all at once.

Dynamically insert your own audio advertisements and promotions into your custom playlists throughout the day.

Built-in logging and detailed reporting makes it easy to track the results of your marketing messages.

If certain types of music and promotions are playing as well in New York as they are in Texas, just point, click, and change!


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